GEG-30014: Inspirational Landscapes


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Introductory Information
The idea of landscape is at the heart of Geography. This module explores landscape from a variety of different perspectives to see how the big ideas of Geography tie together in the context of this overarching theme. Many different types of people have been inspired in many different ways by many different landscapes. Marcel Proust wrote that the true voyage of discovery involves not seeing new lands but seeing through new eyes and seeing through the eyes of different people. In this module we look at landscape through both geographers’ eyes and artists’ eyes. Also through the eyes of poets, explorers, novelists, composers, etc… We hope that you see landscape in new  ways, and therefore start to see more. The module has been awarded a Keele University Teaching Innovation Award and is unique in being taught jointly by Physical Geographers, Human Geographers, and a visiting artist. The module is suitable for students from all parts of Geography including the Physical Geography, Human Geography and Geography degree routes at Keele. 
The assessment is mainly project-based (no exam), and students can submit work either as a conventional written report, in another medium such as video, or in a multimedia format. Students are free to tie the project directly to their own interests in areas such as music, film or literature or to adopt a more traditional geomorphological, historical, cultural or applied approach to landscape. 
A lot of students really enjoy this module...
"The class was amazing... best class through the whole of Uni" 
(student  on VLE discussion board)

I thoroughly enjoyed the Inspirational Landscapes module. It has been by far the most thought provoking, innovative, creative and ambitious geography module of my university career.  (e-mail from student)

...but some students really don't like it at all!
"I wouldn't recommend it to those who are stuck in their ways about geography 
because unless you're willing to open up to new ideas then you won't benefit." 
(student  on KLE discussion board)

Message from Module Leader:

Welcome on board, everybody - I really hope that you will enjoy this module and benefit from it as much as previous cohorts of students seem to have done. However, this is a very particular kind of module with special challenges, and every year it does catch a few students out who find that it is not what they were expecting! 

Should you really choose this module?

Some students find that the project can be very challenging, so if you chose this module you must be ready to put your time-management skills to good use and work effectively on a substantial independent project. On the other hand, most students say that the Inspirational Landscapes project was the most enjoyable thing they did in their wjhole degree! Some students say that there is "too much art" or "too much classical music" or "too many poems" in the module, so don't do this module if you are not at all interested in the "artsy" side of life. This module combines lots of different points of view: art, science, geography! Some students seem to do this module mainly because there is no end-of-course exam. That is not a good reason to choose this particular module: there is an end-of-course test that will require you to have attended the classes, done the reading  and taken notes, and the module project is every bit as demanding as any other module's exam. This module is supposed to be great fun, but it is no easier than any other of our Geography modules.

This module does combine all sides of geography from the sciency to the artsy, so come with an open mind and a willingness to work hard exploring new things.

What's the first thing to do to get started?

Some of our work in the first couple of weeks will centre around contributions that YOU make to the Inspirational Landscapes FACEBOOK group, which you should join up to at: if you have not already done so. Then, using the advice in the course handbook as a guide, start reading and thinking in preparation for the first lecture. It is important to start by looking at the module handbook and making sure you understand how everything is organised. There is a link at the top of this page, and the up-to-date version of the handbook is always on the VLE page.

If you have any queries, just get in touch and I'll try to help.

Module leader - Dr Peter G Knight