Keele's Automatic Weather Station

The Keele Weather Station, established in the autumn of 1951 by the late Professor Stanley Beaver. Since its inception, observations carried out by a combination of academic and technical staff, supported by postgraduates at weekends, has been the backbone of weather recording at Keele.

However, as a result of a new initiative between the Earth Sciences & Geography and the Meteorological Office (who have provided an initial investment of over £5000) Campbell Scientific Instruments has now automated all weather recording at Keele.

At two sites (Keele Lawns and the roof of the Hornbeam Building) we record a wide range of information, including wind speed and direction, rainfall, humidity, sunshine/radiation, air and ground temperatures.

Weather data used within the School for research and teaching are also supplied to many other departments of the university, e.g. Biology, Psychology, and Information Services.

The station provides valuable data locally and nationally, as Keele fills a large void in the surrounding network. Well-established links have now been forged with all sections of the local community, providing meteorological data to the Police, the law profession, local education establishments, business, commerce and the media.

For further information about the weather station please contact Ian Wilshaw.

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